Security Escort Services

Our extensive experience and time in the industry has taught us how to create effective highly personalized security services.

We provide each client individual attention throughout the process of assessment, design, and implementation of their security services. We recognize that every client is different. An apartment building might require a single doorman, while a large high rise office complex might need a full desk staffed by multiple officers in professional attire. While some locations may be chiefly concerned with preventing crime and controlling building access, others may need a much more comprehensive plan, including service to the general public, emergency response, and more. We can provide solutions to all of the above. Neuto’s concierge security officers are screened, trained, and assigned to the positions for which they are well qualified. Everything can be customized, including officer uniforms and daily duties. Concierge staff conducts themselves in an appropriate and respectable manner at all times, ensuring they exceed client expectations, while at the same time providing an invaluable and crucial service.

Let Us Take You On The Experience Of Your Dreams.

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