A holiday with NEUTO in Phuket is one filled with memories you’ll want to keep for years. You’ll start off at the airport with models and a driver to pick you up in your private luxury car where they will take you to the grandest hotel villa in the island. After that, a welcoming party ensues. The days are packed with lots of fun activities and sights. You’ll be basking in the sun on a private yacht party, overflowing with drinks and refreshments alongside an authentic Thai buffet. Champagne, cocktails, beer and liquors will be overflowing and so are the good vibes in Phuket.

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You will be staying in the most exclusive luxury villas, attending the best parties and partying with the hottest girls on the island. And of course, in true Thai fashion, we will be taking you to their most extravagant shows that involves a lot of alcohol, music and fun.

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