As you land in the Philippines, the friendly team of NEUTO will welcome you and assist you to your private island resort villa with a private luxury car and speedboat, a driver and models. A beachfront lunch and a candlelit dinner privately set up by the most generous and hospitable staff of the resort. Soon, your private party hosted by NEUTO begins to welcome you into this beautiful island. All fresh seafood, food and the overflowing refreshments will come from the villa’s kitchen and served as you desire.

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Waking up to a breakfast in bed in your very own private villa, you will be greeted with Palawan’s mesmerizing sunrise. As soon as breakfast is over, better get ready because you’re in for a treat. You will be spending the rest of the days in a private island and a speedboat loaded of food, drinks and lots of fun. Explore the island and its different lagoons, swim the bluest waters, snorkel around and witness the magnificent sea creatures. And even more, attend your very own private yacht party, get a massage under the sun and relax the whole time. Nothing more than just fun, the sun and the beach.

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Like a true NEUTO-hosted holiday, we’ll also take you to the island’s best of the best bars and clubs where you will be spending the night with amazing fire dancers and performers to keep you entertained, while drinks flow endlessly into the night.

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