It is no secret that Thailand boasts one of the finest cuisines, so it is only fitting that your holiday with us should include visits to some of the most exclusive and exciting restaurants across Bangkok - from 7 course meals with names such as Vertigo and Banyan Tree to riverside dinners featuring traditional entertainment or for a more heated evening you may wish to indulge in a night of sushi at one of our famous sushi parties.

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If it isn’t the food that is attracting you to Thailand, then perhaps it’s something else. Bangkok’s party scene needs no introduction – with a strong reputation for being the loudest and craziest, Asia’s sin city is a unique place after the sun goes down. We’ll show you the best nightlife that the country has to offer, boasting some of the sexiest, most exclusive clubs and bars in the continent. You’ll arrive in style: cruising to the event in a blacked-out limousine with a police escort, full security detail and Miss Grand Thailand waiting for you.

Start the night with a sexy sushi party accompanied by our hand-picked models in our pimped-out penthouse suite. Enjoy our dance crews, kick back with our acoustic sessions while being served by our topless waitresses before our models put on a lesbian show for your entertainment. Whether you are taking out clients, having that last bachelor’s bash, or simply looking for the VIP holiday we will provide a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to your every need and desire.


During daytime, we’ll take you to a yacht party with Thai bikini models on board. You can play party games, go fishing, snorkeling and everything else you want on the yacht. A Thai buffet and an open bar awaits, like a true NEUTO hosted party.

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